Dog Boarding Kennels

New Premium Kennels

Our accommodation has been designed and furnished with comfort in mind.

The kennels are spacious, with plenty of fresh air, sunlight, air conditioning for summer and heating for winter. There are also plenty of shaded areas for sheltering from the sun during summer.

Toys, fun, cuddles and daily close contact with us make our guests happy.

We also have lots of large, grassed exercise areas and radio playing all day to make our guests feel more at home.

Kennels   Kennels
Cattery   Cattery

Standard Kennels

Our standard kennels are 6 meters long with 2.5 meters sleeping area inside, undercover beds are raised off of the floor. In the summer, shade cloths are put over the roof area and sprinklers installed in the middle for cooling when hot.

For your pets' comfort, you can bring their bedding; otherwise we will provide our own.


Day Care

We also offer Day Care services, please contact us for details

Diet, Nutrition and Medications

All of our guests are fed a healthy and nutritious menu. Special diets are readily accommodated on request.

Any medication is given to your pet in a responsible and caring manner, as per your instructions.

Narre Warren Kennels & Cattery has a 24 hour on call Veterinarian.

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